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Do you want to make sure that the car you are buying in Auckland is worth your hard earned cash?

Then you are in the right place.

At Trafalgar Inspections, we understand how stressful and time consuming the car buying process can be, especially if you are not sure what to look for.

How do you know that the car you are considering purchasing is in good condition and going to be reliable? Can you be sure that you are not just purchasing a headache on wheels?

That’s the answer we are here to provide.

Our expert inspectors in Auckland are all qualified mechanics and will go out to have a look at the car for you. Who better to tell you the true condition of the car then the very people who fix them day in and day out?

Our extensive checklist gets completed for every report, making sure that every part of the car in properly inspected – from the condition of the motor and the mechanical parts, to the seats, exterior and even the boot.

This way, you know exactly what you are looking at buying and can now make an informed decision on what the car is worth, or whether you should even go ahead with buying it.

By buying this report now and paying less than $200, you could literally be saving yourself thousands of dollars and many hours of headaches and stress trying to repair the car you just bought, which turned out to be a lemon.

If you want to be 100% sure in the car you are buying, just hit the “Book Your Inspection” button below and book your pre-purchase inspection now!

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How It Works

Once you have found the car you are interested in and would like to get inspected, all you have to do is click the book inspection button, fill out the details, make the payment. We will then go out and inspect the car, and send you the full comprehensive report so that you know what you are looking at buying. It’s as simple as that.

What's Included

Engine Check

A complete check over the vehicle’s engine is done, looking out for things such as fluid leaks, smoke, unusual noises and battery faults. We also check the vehicle diagnostics for fault codes in the engine management system.

Mechanical Check

A thorough inspection of the vehicle’s mechanical system is done, including suspension, gearbox, differential, brakes and everything in between.

Underbody Check

Get a thorough inspection of the underbody, including exhaust system, chassis, bushes and more.

Exterior Check

Complete assessment of the exterior of the vehicle including body panels, damage, dents and dings, scratches and paint condition.

Interior Check

Full check of the condition of the interior, including cleanliness, seats and seat belts, upholstery condition, carpet, instruments, trim bits, glovebox and storage units.

Road Test

Everything related to how the car drives is inspected , including engine and transmission behavior, brakes, steering, vibrations and road noise, and more.

We Service the Entire Auckland Area

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say:

Excellent sarvice. I appreciate his work.
Hon Fai Cheung
Hon Fai Cheung
Gancen is very responsive in providing a comprehensive report on two potential cars that I might purchase. I feel amazed with his detailed inspection that really check every parts of the car. I highly appreciate his work and definitely would recommend other to engage Gancen for pre-purchase inspection. Best value for sure👍.
Joe Canham
Joe Canham
I engaged Trafalgar Inspections while car shopping recently since I live outside of Auckland, and through the process it felt like they were on my side. The car had some issues which the mechanic was happy to explain and clarify, and I was able to negotiate a price with the dealer accordingly. Unfortunately the dealer ended up selling the vehicle to another buyer knowing there were issues with it - Trafalgar Inspections is aware and told me they have made note of the dealer’s dodgy practice for reference with future customers. In an industry where dealers’ number one objective is to make money, having an experienced mechanic truly on your side creates confidence - I’d recommend Trafalgar Inspections to anyone looking to buy a car in Auckland.
Pierre Gheusi
Pierre Gheusi
ofir ariel
ofir ariel
We used the mobile inspection service as backpackers who were looking at a campervan to travel with, his inspection was super detailed and the information given to us was honest and clear. We are very happy with the service we got
Angelin Mwandla
Angelin Mwandla
Amazing service! Deserving of more than 5 stars if that was possible. Booked the first inspection with them and there quickly got back to me with the concerns of the car. Booked another inspection for a different car, He wasn’t able to get it done because the person sold the car (the car owner was unreachable every-time Gancen and my self tried to call them). After this car, Gancen recommended a car dealership and still also inspected the car inside and out. Words can not express my gratitude! Thank you so much! Most definitely recommend!
Paul German
Paul German
Thanks for your inspection 5 stars fr me
Clare Davis
Clare Davis
Awesome service, professional with a thorough detailed inspection, followed up with a one on one discussion about the vehicle concerned, along with an email and photos. Gancen went out of his way to do a short notice inspection for us as we were from out of Auckland, rescheduled other jobs to accommodate our time frame. Highly recommend their services,
Joanne Carr
Joanne Carr
I have used this company for 5 inspections and have been very impressed at the level of detail in the inspections and the items they have noticed. Will definately use them again and I frequently recommend them. Excellent service, on time every time and really helpful.
Fleur Elizabeth
Fleur Elizabeth
I am so grateful and relieved! I got two reports done on two cars at different dealers. The first car was for sale for 18k and I had asked the dealer (who has been in business a long time and appeared very reliable) if there had been any damage, to which he said no, only cosmetic painting. The Trafalgar inspection revealed there was welding repair to the rear of the car, indicating an accident. I cancelled my purchase and was saved from being fleeced. On the second vehicle, a number of mechanical issues were noted, that allowed me to make an informed decision. The reports were detailed but also easy to understand and the service was extremely fast.Highly recommended. Even if your dealer says the car has passed border inspecting, do a report with Traflagar....and avoid nasty, expensive mistakes.

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